Announcing ProtoRails 2011 Shake-N-Take:

This year’s Shake-N-Take (HO scale) will be the construction and detailing of a 35 ton wooden body meat reefer representing the NADX 3600 series in service to HORMEL and will be presented by John Greedy.

This year, in order to promote new and FIRST-TIME participants in the Shake-N-Take experience, registration will be limited to 24 participants first-come, first served with preference to FIRST-TIMER’s (using the honor system of past attendance records). Also, due to the current national economics, there will be a $10.00 surcharge, payable at the clinic door for all participants. Participants will receive a basic kit, custom decals and valuable techniques and hand-out.

Send your registration request (NO MONEY - $10.00 at the clinic door!) to Greg Martin at

Note: John Greedy will first present a clinic on HORMEL with an overview of the history, equipment and operations of Hormel plants. Following the HORMEL clinic will be the Shake-N-Take clinic.

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